Pixelmolkerei AG is one of the world’s leading companies crafting highly realistic multi-sensorial applications and 3D visualizations. We cater to medical professionals’ continuing education and provide specialized marketing content for the healthcare field. We are based in Chur, Switzerland and in Montréal, Canada (as Pixel Dairy Productions).

Pixrealitiesis our virtual reality (VR) training platform for on-site and remote education. It is tailored to evolve the skillset and increase the proficiency of professionals or employees.

This revolutionary platform for accessible VR-based professional training was forged from our collective experience of more than 30 years in global professional education in healthcare, engineering and 3D visualization.

Our product has been tried and tested by industry. Our prototype was validated in two studies that received 6 awards. We have proven specialist knowledge and experience in the medical device area and work directly with the customers of our customers that gives us agile and efficient communication both internally and externally

Pixrealities Platform and Modules contain the basic experience and knowledge from the initial software version which has been running on 120 systems in 26 countries since 2018. Our expertise also includes aftersales support for hardware and international shipping of complete VR systems.

Increase the confidence and knowledge of your staff by putting them in real-life situations. Complex procedures and rare case scenarios are made easy to follow and available for repeated training on demand.


Virtual Reality training is the time and cost-effective solution of the future for both businesses and organizations. With our VR training simulation platform we aim to help companies bring value to their employees’ professional and personal lives by increasing their confidence and level of proficiency.

Less CO2 Emissions

With minimized air and land travel through VR training solutions we help reduce carbon emissions and support the transition to a more sustainable company policy.

Reduced Training Costs

The reusable nature of virtual reality training allows for savings on planning, materials, travel and time to execute a live training. Train for simple or complex procedures. Increased return on investment.

More Accessible Training

Training employees in VR is possible anytime and anywhere. Employees can onboard and upskill on their own. Faster time-to-productivity for new hires, increased confidence and awareness in rare case scenarios for specialists.